20 Social Media Tools

Are you Social on internet yet? Hanging on social networking websites plainly do not make you socially active, following are a list of Social Media tools that you must try, and get used to them.

Flock Web Browser: Flock Browser is a free web browser built on the mozilla architecture . It’s aggregates social networks, social media, webmail and related tools within the browser interface. With these tools you can keep your friends and media with you while you browse and interaction with and between them is as simple as drag and drop. Flock has 23 services integrated, including Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Digg. Along with these service integrations, Flock’s built-in blog editor and photo uploader deliver a whole browsing experience that is unparalleled by conventional browsers.

Friend Feed: FriendFeed help’s combine all of your different social networks into a single feed. Make yourself easier to follow, or make it easier to follow others.

Yumeo: Yumeo is a social network that allows you to control many other social sites in one place.

Ping.Fm: Ping.fm is a simple service that cuts out the middle man when it comes to posting to your social services such as Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr, Pownce, Facebook, hi5, LinkedIn, MySpace, Bebo, LiveJournal and Blogger. Ping is focused on providing the easiest way possible for users to post to their social networks all at once.

EventBox:Eventbox ia an application created by Cosmic Machine which aims to provide one place from which to manage all your online social networking activity. It can ‘pack all your social networks in one box’. EventBox is a mac-only program that integrates the top 5-6 social networks into a single program.

Plaxo: Plaxo helps keep people connected by solving the common and frustrating problem of out-of-date contact information. Users and their contacts store their information on servers. When a user edits their own information, the changes appear in the address books of all those who listed the user in their own address books.

Second Brain: It’s Organize all of your content in one place, including bookmarks, files, etc.

Digg Toolbar: The Digg Toolbar for Firefox lets you Digg, submit content, and keep track of Digg even when you’re not on the Digg site itself. With a notification window built into the toolbar, you’ll never miss a popular story or when friends Digg, submit, or comment on stories.

Website Cache View: Shows multiple cached versions of any website in case of the Digg effect.

Twitbin: TwitBin is a small Firefox Extension that allows you to receive and send tweets anywhere in your browser.

Twhirl: Twhirl is another desktop Twitter client. It adds the ability to cross-post tweets to other sites, post images to TwitPic, and search tweets.

Digg Alerter: is a great tool for Windows users that sits in the system tray and informs you about your most recent Digg submissions . You can see if your submission was popular or if it’s still “upcoming.”

Digg Notify: Digg Notify is a well buiilt desktop application that will display small notification when someone will digg your stories.

Digg Website Widgets: Web publishing tool to put your latest diggs right at your website view. WordPress recommended .

Stumbleupon Website Buttons: These StumbleUponbuttons lets you add some creativity to your site, while getting users attention.

WordPress Twitter Tools: This is a WordPress plugin that will let you display the your twitters on your blog or web site.

Twitter Feed: TwitterFeed integrates your blog to your twitter account, takes your feed and publishes in twitter.

TwitThis: TwitThis is a integrated button you can use on any of your sites which posts your site on their account.

Twittelator Pro : Twitelator is a alternative for Iphone users, very recommended.

Twitter Berry: TwitterBerry is a mobile twitter client for all us Blackberry users. Fortunately, it works over the data network and so there is never a cost incurred for SMS.

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