3 Social Bookmarking Plugins For Your Blog

If you own and manage a blog then it’s only wise to put a plugin which will let users to share the content on your website with others or to submit Digg or Stumbleupon. There are although many plugins which you can use to do so but there are very few which will impress you. We found some plugins which deserve your attention.

Sharethis is used on thousands of blogs andusers can share the particular content on scores of other social netoorks or share the story on their blogpost with this plugin. It supports maximum networks including those you haven’t even heard of.

Addthis is another similar sharing tool to share stories on web and also one of the main competitor in this niche after Sharethis. Addthis site claims that it is the leading bookmarking and sharing button and we have no doubt about it. Many top blogs use Addthis on their blog including TechCrunch. People prefer it for its no fuss button which holds enough juice to keep your bookmarking and sharing kicking.

Tell a friend is a new comer in this market and its claim to fame is the ability to share content with others on their IM’s like Gtalk, Yahoo messenger and AIM etc.YOu can not submit post on Mixx or Digg and it fails dearly in this. Guys behind this need to increase the offerings in order to make it more compelling but I believe it will turn out to be a nice plugin if you can’t write stupid stuff because it’s the stupid content only that ranks on Digg.

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