34 Awesome Geek Shoes Spotted

It’s true that when you love something you only want to see it whenever and wherever you are. Being Geek is not a  state, it is being in a particular lifestyle. We choose to stay in that frame of  mind.

We like to become trend setters, we come up with nerdy trends that others follow. We at realgeek love geeky stuff and we just saw that in some shoes which we have decided to share with you guys.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this post as much as you did our last posts on geek culture.

Amazingly Geeky WordPress Logo placed on the regular converse shoes 

Star Wars Imprints on Geeky Shoes

Apple Logo on these shows? Yea funny, but real geeky

Lovely techno style geeky Shoes, goes with everything you wear!

Concept Shoe that has a CD drive in the sole! Speakers too
Tech 9 Imprinted on the shoes make these geek stuff

Nike Running Shoes, gets connected with your ipod, but the white look is too  Applish for the geek in us.

This is cool Hexa Heel Yellow Swedish Shoe, Geeky to the core!

Amazing Xbox Shoe, on the SOLE too!

Stare Wars Concept Converse Shoe, Selling for Hefty price!

Guess What! yea these are G O O G L E shoes!
Xbox remote on your sole? F.U.T.A.B.

Amazing White Shoes, with black & pink print, truely made for girl geek

Check these orange and Grey shoes! gets you go geeky

Tiffany Shoes by adidas, amazing colors, You just want to make them yours.

Geeky orange and black Shoes, stand apart

Talk about Geek Love, We love Converse Shoes!

Funky Adidas Shoes, truly Geeky, Gotta just Love the white & black

How About Geeky Imprints on your shoe! WOW

Agassi Shoes by Nike, every geek wanna gets them

Amazing Shoes, so earthy yet so geeky

Adidas & Nike, at times come up with great geekiest designs, that we love

Heel modified on this sandal, makes them geeky, sexy huh!

Keyboard keys on Shoe! Just for display ;) but geeky for sure

Aphrodite Concept Sandals, with LCD and emergency call embedded

Cityscape on the shoe sides, gives it a unique nerdy look

Apple Imprinted on the shoes, just right for the girl geek

Google Shoes for your Kids, internet education is first lesson!

Cool Geeky Imprint on these shoes, time to get noticed!

Star Wars Stromtroopers White Shoe, Geekyyyyy!

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