5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

Here is a list of popular Bluetooth headsets you must consider before buying one. Bluetooth headset is not an essential commodity by any way but it helps a lot particularly in situations when you can’t pick up your phone. It could also be that your mobile phone happens to be Nokia N91 (say brick) and that you can not pick up while you have a long phone call. The reasons could be many but the thing is that buying a Bluetooth headset needs same consideration you do before buying any accessory.
Following is a brief review for some of the top selling bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headsets have improved a lot from the first generation ones, both in quality and aesthetics. They have become lot more responsive and sophisticated and something you can now wear in real life and not just in sci-fi movies. Here’s what we found while doing our research:

5 Top Rated Bluetooth headsets

Aliph Jawbone does one thing like no other and that is giving you the best wireless sound clarity from your Bluetooth enabled handset. It is the most awesome Bluetooth headset in the market by any measure and if you want a headset without compromising on any matter then you should buy this.

Plantronics Discovery 655 is a very simple headset with minimal styling and maximum functioning. It weighs 0.3 oz and has three charging options with a vibrating mode. It is one of the most popular one.

SoundID SM100 is one of the best sounding Bluetooth headsets and it could be because the founder of SoundID happens to be an ear specialist from Stanford University. It can adjust to different noise levels and has a noise reduction and voice enhancement technology which makes it a serious Bluetooth headset in the market.

Jabra BT8040 weighs almost 10 grams and has unique ear gels which maximize comfort on ears. It supports A2DP profile which means you can also use it as stereo headphone.

BlueAnt Z9 is a stylish headset with Advanced Voice Isolation technology which has a small clip on the back which can be worn on shirt.

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