Top Six 8 Megapixel Camera Phones [Comparison List]

It seems that mobile companies are now all set to ruin the future of camera manufacturers. The camera phones have eclipsed the demand for digital camera and camera makers are having tough time to woo customers. The camera phone manufacturers have raised the bar and are on their way to standardize 8 megapixel camera phones. Why would you like to spend on a camera when you can have it in your phone? It’s no surprise that Nokia has become the largest seller of digital cameras and companies like Kodak and Canon are clueless about their future.

The recent mobile phone announcements have raised the ante for a camera phone from 5 megapixel to 8 megapixels. Samsung and LG have both released two 8 megapixel camera phone in last few weeks. Sony Ericsson and Canon has also jumped into this war and Sony Ericsson’s C905 CyberShot is really a beast among them. What is rather more interesting is that Nokia has not released its 8 megapixel camera phone as of yet while Nokia has partnered with Nokia to do so.

Here is a list of all the 8 megapixel camera phones released till date. We hope to update this list as new 8 megapixel camera phones are released.

LG Renoir KC910: LG’s Renoir is the successor of Viewty KU990 and its camera has got everything you seek in a mid range digital camera. Xeonon flash; image stabilization; manual focus; face tracking; geo tagging are some of the functionalities of its camera.

Sony Ericsson C905 CyberShot: SE released this handset along with F305 and this camera phone has everything that Sony Ericsson has mastered in last few years by producing CyberShot range of camera phones. We have a reason to believe that this would be a stunner, if we go by the magic that they have done on the Cybershot camera phones.

Samsung Pixon M880: This phone is meant for taking pics and that’s what Pixon (Pics-On) means. The camera of this one has a dual LED flash with features like smile shot; panorama shot; face-detection and geo-tagging etc.

LG KC780: Its claim to fame is that it is the thinnest 8 megapixel camera phone. This was the second such camera phone from LG after KC910.

Samsung Innov8 i8510: It is a S60 powered GSM handset which has been released in many markets around the world. The camera quality is pretty similar to that of Samsung Pixon but it looks more gorgeous.

Casio W63CA Exilim: This camera phone is the craziest of all because it is the first 8.1 megapixel camera phone. This phone has hit the stores in Japan and we don’t expect that this will see the light of day in any other market.

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