8 not so popular yet cool add-ons for Firefox 3

The freedom that Firefox provides to its users is unparalleled in its peers and the ability to customize it or personalize it makes it lot more powerful and personal. The latest Firefox version is smoother and faster and the developers didn’t took long in making their add-ons compatible with the latest version. Firefox 3 still banks a lot on add-ons for its success.

I am writing down some add ons which do not get listed very often but deserve a try nevertheless.

1) WOT is short for web of trust and it makes our browsing experience safe and secure by warning the users about any site which has received overall negative ratings on the four parameters of Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy and Child Safety.

2) Tooltip is perhaps the best dictionary add-on out there for Firefox. The need of an English dictionary is compelling many a times and opening another tab and searching the word on google is not something most of of us really enjoy.

3) Tab Mix Plus is one of the best add-on to manage multiple tabs on your Firefox browser. It has been updated to make it compatible with Firefox 3 but the official Firefox site is not showing it as compatible. So you need to download it from the homepage of the developer. This add-on allows you to open tab in one click aka Internet explorer and allows you to undo up to 10 closed tabs.

4) Zotero is an add-on probably made keeping in mind the need of a researcher to collect data from various sources and tagging and etc etc. This one also happens to support Flock and Netscape Navigator apart from Firefox.

5) Status-bar Scientific Calculator does precisely what it means. It really is a heck to open the windows calculator or leaving the Firefox to make your calculations. This add-on occupies few pixels on your toolbar and does even the complex of problems without causing any serious real estate problem on your screen.

6) Fission is the illegitimate successor of Fusion which combines the progress bar and the location bar of safari and makes it look more appealing.

7) Morning Coffee simply keeps track of your daily routine websites and open them in tabs. For instance, I regularly open Google analytics and Gmail sites before I start doing anything else so I can add these sites and they will open up the moment I start Mozilla Firefox in the morning.

8) Stylish is an appearance manipulation add-on which lets you stylize certain websites and Firefox itself using stylish codes.

The rankings have been given in random order so just don’t care a lot about the numbers.

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