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RealGeek is a content site focusing on the latest, innovative and intriguing news in Technology. The website covers news, reviews and views with an original and provocative point of view.RealGeek features new launches, discoveries and intellectual adventures etc. in today’s world.

The RealGeek website is reaching to the valuable “intellectually curious” audience who are always keen to know and discuss about innovative products and gadgets. We provide the most relevant, honest and independent information and analysis to our audience. Our content is compelling and thought provoking for the Real Techno Geeks.

Meet the Geeks, behind RealGeek

Aditi Tuteja

Aditi TutejaAditi Tuteja is the quintessential example of a true Real Geek – a dedicated enthusiast who loves technology news and is always keen to discover stuff that matters. Curiosity is her strength. She is successful as an Internet Marketing Professional. She has worked with major internet companies in India and abroad to promote their online business and ecommerce websites. She is known to exalt quality website traffic. She is a great speaker on Search Engine Promotion Techniques, she has complied vast webmaster resources on website TextNdata.com. Before RealGeek, she was actively contributing articles for various technology websites. Most recently Aditi has put her determination into blogging. When she is not researching, optimizing or writing, you can find her socializing at Cafe Lounge.

Ravish Ahuja

Ravish AhujaRavish is the development manager. He focuses on making sure that the development of RealGeek is smooth and he checks on each aspect of website CSS & code. He loves to write about the latest web 2.0 launches and is developing innovative applications himself. He is also a gadget lover and keeps trying out new applications and, products. His reviews are concise, crisp and cool.Before starting RealGeek he founded various technology companies and websites, including Xeonext Web Solutions. He managed a successful website Linuxadvisories.com when he was just 16 year old. His most talked about website is Gsmhacks.com, a community driven discussion board for cell phones and mobile applications.When he isn’t developing he’s spotted at Cafe Coffee Day, reading some IT security book, these days he is Hooking Security into Information Development. He has been a Web Security Consultant for last few years and is a great speaker on seminars for the same. He likes to travel and he parties mostly on Big Trance Events.We welcome your feedback to RealGeek.

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