Alexa to exclude Social Media Traffic to be taken into account

Alexa no longer counts traffic that a site gains from social media sites like Digg and Reddit. For people whose traffic Last two to three weeks have been good due to social media buzz, they have noticed that it had no relative change on alexa.

For 2-3 weeks, Alexa has not been reflecting digg or reddit spikes. This is widespread. Spikes only occur on those sites whose articles went viral on non-social media sites after the digg or reddit pop. Sites made exclusively around social media promotion have been stagnant and even falling on their rank. It seems that Alexa wants to be a tool used by advertisers. And advertisers know that social media traffic is worth lesser than search and repeat visitor traffic. Also we all know that Social media traffic does not convert.

While most people seem to respect Alexa’s rankings, no one really likes them or agrees that they’re anywhere near accurate. This uncertainty can affect things such as site valuation, funding, business development deals, advertising, and so on.  This move by alexa will place them better with users who require accuracy.

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