Android Shortcuts for Quick Browsing

While on the move, you are browsing for your needs and that is when you want to find precise results, this post covers the basic quick shortcuts that help you get to the information you want to access, that too fast!

Very useful browser shortcuts:
Open Go to window MENU + s
Open Bookmarks MENU + b
Open Windows MENU + w
View history MENU + h
Refresh or stop page MENU + r
Go back a page MENU + j
Go forward a page MENU + k
Find on page MENU + f

Go to home page MENU + ENTER
Zoom in MENU + i
Zoom out MENU + o
Go to Settings MENU + p
Page down SPACEBAR

Map shortcuts:
Directions MENU + d
Select map mode MENU + m
History MENU + h
My Location MENU + 0 (zero)
Go to Settings MENU + p
Zoom in MENU + i
Zoom out MENU + o

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