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With the changing formfactors & OS on mobile phones, the default features dont change, but with each phone comes a new unique function, and whole lot of new things to learn about it. Android is the latest in picture! Here are few shortcuts for general ease of use:

For quick Typing on Android Phone
Insert special character ALT + SPACEBAR opens special character selector
Delete character to left DEL
Delete character to right SHIFT + DEL
Delete entire line ALT + DEL
Persistent CAPS Press SHIFT twice; press SHIFT again to escape
Jump cursor to beginning/end of line ALT + roll TRACKBALL left/right
Create tab character ALT + q
Highlight (select) text SHIFT + roll TRACKBALL
Cut text MENU + x, or Highlight text, press & hold TRACKBALL, select Cut
Copy text to clipboard MENU + c, or Highlight text, press & hold
TRACKBALL, select Copy

Paste text copied to clipboard MENU + v, or Highlight text, press & hold
TRACKBALL, select Paste
Undo change MENU + z
Select all text in field MENU + a, or Highlight text, press & hold
TRACKBALL, select Select all

Here is a list of shortcuts that will help you open a few applications:
Browser SEARCH + b
Contacts SEARCH + c
E-Mail SEARCH + e
Google Mail SEARCH + g
Calendar SEARCH + l
Maps SEARCH + m
Music SEARCH + p
Messaging SEARCH + s
YouTube SEARCH + y

How to scroll faster:
Page down SPACEBAR
Jump to end of list ALT + TRACKBALL roll DOWN
Jump to top of list ALT + TRACKBALL roll UP

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