Barnes & Noble Reader

Following are the leaked images of Barnes & Noble e-book reader. It looks a lot like the Kindle with one striking difference which is a little touch screen at the bottom that can be used to buy books right while on use with the reader or it can also be used as a touch keyboard as & when required.

The photos of the reader show a 6-inch screen for reading and the second touch screen at the bottom of the device. This new e-book reader is using e-Ink technology, like other devices on the market.

Other than, the unique touch screen at the bottom, gets powered off when reading books, meaning no power drain at all when not needed. Barnes & Nobles did deals to be the content provider for the upcoming Plastic Logic and iRex e-book readers. B&N operates the Fictionwise, eReader and their own branded online e-book retail outlets, and they are therefore gearing up for competing with Amazon’s Kindle.

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