Bfilter Blocks Ads Across Web Browsers

Bfilter is an ads filtering HTTP web proxy which completely removes the ads which hinder in your browsing experience. Unlike Adblocker on Firefox which can only work on Firefox or Flock, Bfilter puts the trap on your complete system which means no matter what browser you use, you won’t see tose ads. It can remove banner ads, Java script, flash and many other types of advertisements. It has a built in java script engine which detects pop ups and javascript generated ads. It is free for download and it works on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.Additional features include:

  • Persistent connections and HTTP compression.
  • Altering HTML code using regular expressions.
  • Forwarding to other proxies, including Tor.
  • Whitelists, Blacklists and hints list.
  • Forwarding to another proxy.

Unlike many other ads block tools but Bfilter relies on analyzing and filtering web code, rather than a blacklist or whitelist, although you can edit the filter to add individual sites or servers to be blocked.

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