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This weekend was super amazing, first with the long long drive in the country with my friends in NJ & NY and then a visit to B&H Photo Video, in Midtown New York… Dave has been praising about the place from a long time and I am glad he took me there.

And I instantly fell in love B&H Photo & Video, the massive electronics store you can imagine. After a long time, I had the same and even better feeling that I had in Funan digital life mall in Singapore.

B&H Photo & Video is a great example for retail stores, for its functioning & organization.The store is operated by Hasidic Jews. As I entered the store, I thought I will get lost here but no, it was very well organized with information help & customer representatives spread out through out the store, you get all the information & your questions get answered where ever you are!

I was especially surprised to see the conveyor belts moving over heads that carry your purchased merchandise reach to the checkout counter within seconds. It is super natural..Dave candidly even mentioned that this looks like Santa Claus Factory, with so many people working and catering to such a big crowd with such precise consistency.

Excellent shopping experience with sheer amazement.
At each customer help desk, you see bowls stacked with free sour candy & they also give away a lot of free catalogs & journals in photography & Video. I spent some time looking at DSLR cameras and then quickly went into the Computer & gadgets area, where I picked an external hard drive, after a through yet brief tour by the customer representative, they knew what I need and they knew what they were talking about..that definitely was a great buying experience.

When I had questions about the disk formatting, the representative, Jim even gave me a working demo and that resolved all my concerns, I was a happy that I made a good buying decision. This is what lacks in most stores, but B&H is an exception, they have everything you can think of & they serve you just right.

If you have a custom order, it is assembled in the same warehouse as an online order and arrives at the counter for inspection by way of a conveyor inside the counter. If you are satisfied with the order, the same conveyor line takes the order to the packaging area, in the mean time you checkout at the counters. And finally pick up – delivered by the same conveyor system.

A visit into B&H can be a learning experience besides a good shopping experience, their efficiency & quickness speaks for itself. I would love to go there again and would recommend all of you if in NYC, to pay a visit!

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