BlackBerry Zappers Now Available

Smart and sophisticated mobile devices such as BlackBerrys and other smartphones by top executives is creating a potential data and network security problem for enterprises. People are now targeting this by launching  new products and services aimed at managing high-end handsets.


We came across report ‘Handset Management: Who’s Minding Your BlackBerry?’ which has evaluated the potential costs and benefits of deploying handset-management systems or hosted services to track, upgrade, monitor, and protect high-end mobile handsets also activating a software ‘kill pill’ to disable smartphones when reported lost or stolen by users.

Although handset-management tools are relatively new in the enterprise space, wireless carriers have used their precursors internally for more than a decade to handle tasks such as issuing lists of roaming partners. This means that the foundation has been laid for handset-management tools that put enterprises in control

‘Handset Management: Who’s Minding Your BlackBerry’, an 18-page report, is available as part of an annual subscription (six issues) to Unstrung Enterprise Insider, priced at $1295. Individual reports are available for $900. Well if one can afford.. why not..As it is said gurading your asset is important.

To subscribe, go to

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