Capture Screenshots on Nokia 5800 & Nokia N97 with Best Screensnap

Nokia is the world leader in mobile phones and it has also eclipsed the market share of camera phone manufacturers in the process of leading from pole to pole. The reason for their leadership can only be described by the fact that Nokia keeps improving stuff.

Nokia released its S60 5th Edition UI for touchscreen-based smart phone like Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97. Now if you are looking for some software to capture screenshots in these new handsets then all those S60 3rd Edition won’t help you a great deal. There is an application called Best Screen Snap which can help you to do screen capture if you are lucky enough to have bought Nokia 5800 & Nokia N97.

Best ScreenSnap can setup to use the camera capture key to snap screenshots and automatically save the screenshots to user-defined storage (phone memory or microSD memory card). Best ScreenSnap setting page allows user to define screenshot default quality (higher quality means a bigger size of screenshot) and the default behavior after taking a screenshot (automatically save to memory or send it via Bluetooth, Infrared, multimedia message or email).

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