Classmate PC is now TXTbook

MPC has re branded Intel’s Classmate PC to a wider audience terming it now the TXTbook, the first North American version available for individuals.

The design is not changed much from the second-generation Classmate PC model and is small enough with its 8.9-inch screen to be used comfortably school goers and also is made durable enough to handle jerks, bumping and drops.

The system boasts a speed improvement over the original by switching to a 1.6GHz Atom that also gives the small notebook up to five hours of battery runtime on an expanded capacity battery.

This version also has all the standard configuration of the reference design, including 1GB of memory, a 30GB hard drive, a webcam and 802.11g Wi-Fi that supports automatic mesh networks for users and schools.

MPC is selling this with Windows XP Home for $499.

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