How to Clear Up Storage Space on your Android Device

Find out which is that app on your list, that is not used often by you and it can be uninstalled : In the rage of trying out new app, we sometimes end up installing too many apps that are not really required. I also ended up installing more than one app for the same kind of function and then forgot to uninstall them, this just uses up space!

Find out if the applications has cache or not, you can do that by clicking on any one of the applications on your android to see if it has a cache or not, this will popup a screen, press the Clear Cache button on it, Apps likely to have large cache info are Maps, stocks, Internet & Photo related apps

Android 2.1 does not allow users to install their apps on the SD memory card, they are left with the little internal memory their device comes with this makes it crucial for people to watch out on their resources in order to save some space.

A lot will change when Android 2.2 gets to the market, thanks to the Apps2SD support (Moving your software to the SD card, freeing up more room on your phone). Unfortunately there will be a large number of gadgets that will probably never be able to update to the latest version of the OS.

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