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Qlock-logo.jpgDo you want to cut down on the amount of calculations that it takes to figure out the time in other parts of the world. So if you’re an individual or a business that needs to frequently undertake time conversions.

Qlock is a free and simple-to-use world clock. Qlock can show you the current world time for any city in the world.

You can create unlimited clock windows for every major city in the world, and then drag them around your desktop until you’re happy with the layout.

Each Qlock window can be assigned its own color, size and skin. Each window can even clamp themselves to each other to the side of your desktop to make your own unique world clock. Qlock features over 500 cities, automatic Daylight saving time calculation, multiple alarm tunes, skins, and color schemes.


So it doesn’t matter if you simply require the time difference to call up a relative in some distant land. Or even if you’re a small business or a large corporation and with over 5 million downloads to date. Qlock is a “no Fuss” application that simply makes calculating time across the world much simpler for everybody. You can also show city times for any number of cities on your own site by simply copy and pasting a small snippet of HTML.

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