Dell Mini 3i finally unveiled

Dell has finally unveiled its China slated Abdroid powered smartphone called “Mini 3i.” The news in the blogosphere was that the launch of Dell’s first smartphone was imminent and today all the rumors have been put to rest by Dell. The device will be available through the China Mobile which is the largest mobile network carrier in the world.

Some of the features as we now know are a 3.5 inch touchscreen displau with 360×640 resolution. The resolution is surprisingly better than that of Apple iPhone as well as Palm Pre. It has a 3.2 MP camera. A mini USB port, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot has also been provided. The dampener however is that the phone doesn’t have WiFi. It is possible that it is only the case with the devices being sold in China while the models which will be available in other countries will have WiFi. It has to be noted that Apple iPhone being sold in China also lack WiFi.


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