Device to block digital cameras In finally Here

sd300.jpgIts Here….researchers have unveiled a prototype device that can stop digital cameras being used within a given area.  This is a successful step taken forward in protecting limited areas against clandestine photography; and stopping video copying in larger areas such as cinemas.

It is based on off-the-shelf equipment (camera-mounted sensors, lighting equipment, a projector and a computer) which can scan for, find and neutralise digital cameras. It would work by looking for the reflectivity and shape of the image-producing sensors used in digital cameras.

The current prototype uses visible light and two cameras to find the charge-coupled devices used in digital photography, but a future commercial system might use invisible infrared lasers and photo-detecting transistors to scan for illicit cameras. Once such detector has found a suspicious device, it would feed information on the reflection properties to a computer for determination. 

Way to Go!!


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