Dowload Applications Store For Windows

Where do you go when you need to install new applications on your Windows systems? Most guys I know prefer to go to filehippo to do the downloading of regular softwares. You name it and you have it on Filehippo. I have started to use Ubuntu for quite some time now and I have used an application of Ubuntu called Ubuntu Tweak which makes downloading quite a breeze and apart from that it has a helpful list of apps which gives me enough soup to kickstart or to motivate me.

Today I came across similar application like Ubuntu Tweak for Windows. It is called Basefield App Store and quite apparently it seems like the season of applications stores. This application makes downloading third-party software quite easy. When you download applications through Basefield, it creates a sandbox around the installed app to keep your system safe from any kind of malware.

If I think about a normal computer user then this kins of app store is certainly very helpful. Users can download new applications safely in one click and they can remove them as well equal ease. There are currently very few applications on the store yet there are some popular ones like Abiword, Audacity and Irfanview etc.

I believe there is definitely a space left wide open to conquer and Basefield could be the one but it will will need lot more support from third party software developers in order to do that.

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