Convert files free of cost

I bet you have to convert files for your personal purposes from time to time. There are some softwares in the market which can do the same for you but very few of them are free of cost. Today I would like to tell you guys about two ways both Offline and Online methods to convert your files.

Offline method:

Super Media Converter is the best file conversion tool you can ever imagine and the best part is that it’s completely free. Super can encode most file types but its strength lies in encoding .

The fact that it is freeware means that you can encode files of any size. I suggest that if you want to download one file conversion tool then it should be this one. The downloading link is bit tricky to find on the Super website so it would be better if you go by the directions on this page.

Online method:

Zamzar does online file conversion and it supports many file types. You can create a free account which has some limitations like encoding files up to 100 Mb but Ithink you should use Super for bigger files. Zamzar is nice utility to convert small files of various formats.

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  1. bee says:

    i use and i am happy with it

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