Firefox Logo

Look how someone can get obsessed with Firefox so much. I’ve seen people putting up Firefox logo on wallpapers, posters, tattoos and t-shirts. But, this is too much.

Firefox Logo

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8 Responses to Firefox Logo

  1. hackhound says:

    If that’s the Firefox logo, then I am the pope. First, that is clearly a kitten, not a fox. Secondly, the kitten wraps clockwise from head to tail, where the Firefox logo wraps counter-clockwise.

  2. hpjunglecat says:

    That cat doesn’t know how lucky it is… :)

  3. anubi says:

    WoW, its true, nothing like firefox, but,i would like to be that kitty :D

  4. JOY says:

    i feel sorry for the cat! It’s so stupid to do that! ha! Not very attractive!

  5. pepeeltoro says:

    I want to be a cat!!!

  6. Gadget Geek says:

    Me likee to be the pussy inside Lolz! Slurp!!!

  7. eLynex says:

    Good luck of the cat. 555 (:

  8. ?*@(!-!!! says:

    tis is a wonder idea for drinking milk

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