RE: 0x0000007b stop upon Windows install after adding new hdd's

Posted: 02-23-2009, 09:54 PM
Windows XP installation lacks SATA and RAID drivers, thus, upon restart into
the initial setup GUI the NT boot loader fails to detect the hard drive
holding the root file system and produces the 0x0000007B
(INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) BSOD instead. There are two potential fixes I
identified so far, none of which I'd tried yet:

(1) Go in the BIOS settings and enable IDE/EIDE emulation for the hard
drives, or

(2) Use tools such as NLite/VLite ( to
include suitable SATA drivers into the XP installation utility.

If anyone could confirm, that'd be great. I still have to recover from the
lost night following Vista removal & re-installation, not quite in the mood
for another try.



"tonycbennett" wrote:
> Hi there Jrc10000, I am having the same issues also with my installation. I
> am installing XP and upon "Starting Windows" I get the BSOD also with
> 0x0000007b. My motherboard is an Intel DP45SG, I even disconnected all my
> hard drives and I still get this error. If you find a solution can you
> PLEASE let me know. It is 4:20am on day 5 and I STILL can not figure out
> what is going on... Thanks in advance!!!!
> Tony
> "jrc10000" wrote:
> > Added new to computer hard drives to Dell XPS 710 H2C QX6700, SATA 150 gb
> > raptor, SATA 500 GB, was trying fresh install of MCE 2005
> >
> > After booting from cd Windows install starts normally, adds files then when
> > 'starting windows' appears I get BSOD
> >
> > Stop 0x0000007b
> >
> > (0xxf78d663c, 0xc00000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
> >
> > Happens with both XP Pro and MCE 2005 disks at the exact same spot..
> >
> > I tried to start the recovery console and get asked for the recovery floppy.
> > Floppy?!
> >
> > I tried disconnecting all but one hard drive, isolating each drive in turn,
> > and received the same error. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly
> > appreciate it.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > John
> >

RE: 0x0000007b stop upon Windows install after adding new hdd's

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