16008 Entourage Error

Posted: 01-29-2005, 10:51 PM
Ok. Unlike many of the people having the now infamous Error 16008, I wasn't
using networke dhome folders. My folder resided on the client machine and
still received this error as mentioned in other posts.

After a lot of searching (to no avail) and trying a whackload of things I
finally got the badboy to return to normal. This is how I did it.

Firstly, I launched Entourage 2004 and exported all of my contents (
File>Export. Export all items to an Entourage archive. All items ), this
may take some time depending on the amount of cr@p you have in your
database. Secondly I deleted all instances and preferences of Office 2004
and restarted. Thirdly, I installed Office 2004 and updated to the newest
version before configuring any accounts or anything. Lastly, I imported
all of my content into the newly installed and upgraded Entourage 2004 (
File>Import. Import information from an Entourage archive. ).

That's it! Now it works and has been for seven days without glitches.

Thought it might help although I make no assumptions that it will for
those of ou who use networked home folders. Worth a try though.


16008 Entourage Error

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