Posted: 03-11-2009, 09:01 AM

wednesday 11-03-'09

I never payed much attention to register for an
(administrator)account/password, because I was the only user, and always
arrived direcly to the office-disk, when starting the computer.
But now, when triing to install new (pinacle) software, I am summoned to
log in as a administrator.
I made an account + password, but I am still not acknowladged as an
Maybe I ever entered a password, wich I dont know anymore.
How can things be put straight again?
Thank you in advance



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Re: administration_accounts_passwords
Posted: 03-18-2009, 10:10 PM

Try going to Control Panel (Control Panel Home, not classic view) Use
Accounts and Family Safety, User Accounts, Manage Another Account; an
see how many users there really are. If you are the only user as you sa
you are, then: Go back 1 page, and click (above Manage Another Account
Change Your Account Type, click Administrator, and click Ok. When tha
is done, log off and back on. Then try again
This is a shot in the dark because you may need a password to chang
account type. But it may work. Try it

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