Re: Anything new for Vista's NTFS?

Posted: 04-13-2006, 06:04 AM
I'm puzzled. How does "we won't tell you about fragmentation" in OS X/Linux
equate to "no defrag needed"?

Seriously, take a look at ext2. It fragments all over the place. ext3 does
not change the on-disk format. That used to be reported on boot with the
ext2 tools (there was even an ext2 defragger.) ext3 just doesn't tell you.

"Leszek Lesner" <> wrote in message
> It would be nice if they get to manage the "no defrag needed" NTFS .
> Something similiar Linux and MacOS X Users have for a while now.
> The "Auto-Defragmenter" in the latest CTP moves the main problem only
> away.
> "Andre Da Costa" <> wrote in message
> news:eKWlADYLGHA.2696@TK2MSFTNGP14.phx.gbl...
>> The only thing I am aware being 6.0 in Vista is the Kernel and Windows
>> Installer.
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>> --
>> Andre
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>> <Nicholas> wrote in message news:Oioc2LVLGHA.3936@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl...
>>> Or will NTFS in Windows Vista become NTFS 6.0?
>>> "roman modic" <> wrote in message
>>> news:uPzItDALGHA.1076@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl...
>>>> Hello!
>>>> "Zack Whittaker (R2 Mentor)" <> wrote in message
>>> news:uJtUi$0KGHA.720@TK2MSFTNGP14.phx.gbl...
>>>> > There definately is! Check out: for an
>>> article that Jabez wrote in December - it highlights all the
>>>> > good points )
>>>> >
>>>> But NTFS version is still 3.1, isn't it?
>>>> Will this change in final release?
>>>> 1.4 Is NTFS the same in every version of Windows?
>>>> No. They will look similar, but newer versions have extra features. For
>>> example, Windows 2000 has quotas.
>>>> ------------------------------------
>>>> NTFS; Windows Version
>>>> v1.2; NT 3.51, NT 4
>>>> v3.0; 2000
>>>> v3.1; XP, Server 2003
>>>> Version 1.2 is sometimes known as 4.0.
>>>> Versions 3.0 and 3.1 are sometimes referred to as 5.0 and 5.1.
>>>> Does ntfsresize support Windows Vista NTFS?
>>>> Yes, it supports. There have been reports that ntfsresize and the Linux
>>> kernel driver can recognize and handle flawlessly the NTFS
>>>> version of the beta releases of Windows Vista, Microsoft's next
>>>> generation
>>> operating system. During startup the softwares of the
>>>> Linux-NTFS project check the NTFS version and report unsupported NTFS
>>>> if
>>> the version is unknown. So far they reported Windows
>>>> Vista's NTFS version 3.1, exactly the same what Windows XP and Windows
>>> Server 2003 use. It will be seen if this remains true. If
>>>> you'd ever find otherwise please let us know.
>>>> Please note, WinFS is a storage system and will not replace NTFS
>>>> however
>>> to function it builds on and requires NTFS. Windows Vista,
>>>> currently planned to be shipped in the end of 2006, will not include
>>>> WinFS
>>> yet
>>>> 15. File Systems. There's been a good deal of confusion about how
>>>> Windows
>>> XP will handle file system support out of the box. I
>>>> consulted Microsoft's Kristian Gyorkos about this and got the straight
>>> dope. Win XP will not convert your existing file system on
>>>> upgrade installations. It will leave FAT16 or FAT32 in place. If you're
>>> installing over NT 4.0 or Win2000 NTFS (NT File System), it
>>>> will update your NTFS file system to the version supported by Win XP.
>>> There's an XP command-line utility you can use to convert to
>>>> NTFS after an upgrade installation.
>>>> When you clean install Windows XP, you're given the option to keep your
>>> existing file system or to convert to NTFS prior to
>>>> installation. Unless you're dual-booting with another version of
>>>> Windows,
>>> it's best to opt for NTFS.
>>>> Finally, Microsoft expects that the vast majority of new Windows XP
>>> computers will ship with NTFS, not FAT32.
>>>> Microsoft gave me the following details about the different versions of
>>> Windows and NTFS. XP updates NTFS to the latest version --
>>>> which is an update to the version that shipped in Win2000. NT 4.0
>>>> shipped
>>> with NTFS v1.0; Windows 2000 came with NTFS v3.0; Windows
>>>> XP has NTFS v3.1. (Note these NTFS version numbers are slightly
>>>> different
>>> from what Microsoft has used in the past.) Minor version
>>>> numbers are only informational. They imply that the x.n version of the
>>> on-disk format is backwards compatible with the x.n-1
>>>> implementation of the file system. NT 4.0 SP3 and earlier will not
>>>> mount
>>> NTFS v3.0 or later. NT 4.0 SP4-SPx will mount NTFS v3.x.
>>>> Windows 2000 will mount NTFS v1.x and v3.x. Installation of Win2000
>>>> over
>>> an existing NTFS partition automatically upgrades those
>>>> partitions to NTFS v3.0. Windows XP will mount NTFS v1.x and v3.x.
>>> Installation of WinXP over an existing NTFS partition
>>>> automatically upgrades those partitions to NTFS v3.1.
>>>> Regards, Roman

Re: Anything new for Vista's NTFS?

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Re: Anything new for Vista's NTFS?
Posted: 04-24-2006, 05:50 AM

WinFS is a really interesting one filesystem. I suppose if you wish t
cover more info on it you can find useful information at this source:

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