ATTN: All Vista Beta/Pre-Release Consumers (Not U IP Pro's!)

Posted: 06-23-2006, 02:14 PM
I will try to be brief. First, though, to all Non-Vista IP's (64Pro's
especially, and you know who you are) and have an axe to grind about Vista
Consumers in this and ALL your PRECIOUS existing OLD newsgroups for HELP . .
.. Please get a life and be nice to us newbies on Vista and the RECOMMENDED BY
MICROSOFT NEWSGROUPS (and all their sub-categories like Printers or Hardware,
We are here by Microsoft's invitation, not existing years-old Newsgroupies
whom, some of which have a great wealth of knowledge to give us, but some
others are OLD and RESISTANT to CHANGE and UPSET with Vista newbies and the
"Vista Microsoft Mail team" for putting us in their Precious older
forums/blogs/chats, et. all.
Here's the deal on the Vista Beta releases as of 6/22/06 for my own systems
and the "Windows Vista Newsgroups Home" website and pages THAT I HAVE
EXPLORED to some extent.
Being conscious, I discovered Microsft (M) has been/is/ developing Vista to
REPLACE all older WINDOWS operating systems--that goes especially for
64bit-XP-PROer's out there.
Thus, I made a decision to replace my older Dell Dimension 4400 desktop,
with a new Dell Dimension E510 and Inspiron Laptop, both rated as "Vista
Capable" this past week (6/21/2006).
I have received them both with operating systems devoid of almost any other
hardware or software but the basics of the premium sound and graphics cards
(ask me for the details) and necessary startup utilities, all operating
initially on the supplied/recommended Windows Media Center edition by
Dell/Vista Capable.
I immediately out of the box did a initial boot to make sure sure the
'puters worked, and they did on Media Center XP, then went and installed my
previously ordered 2 DVD's (up to 10x2 computers) of Windows Vista Beta
This website and ALL links on this website is where I EXPLICITLY have been
given for VISTA SUPPORT by MICROSOFT through website, limited
as it is, following the links from to Vista, which is a Top
Link on their homepage, and then to their Vista Support links which
ultimately leads you to the Newsgroups for Windows Vista, where on the left
sidebar, there is "Windows Vista Newsgroups Home", and with subcategories
benesth like "Admin. . . .", "Find. . . ", "Games". . . ,"Hardware '. . .
etc. for about another 10 or 15 linked subcategories.
These links and subcategories are not necessarilly specific to Windows
Vista! They MAY include Internet Explorer 7/7+ newbies and XP-Pro oldbies,
both of which are for the most part cool people and will help, but there are
some in both IE7/7+ & XPPro64 oldbies and techies both, who will be pissed at
you for pissing on their dogigie-like territory.
These are public newsgroups, not British aristocracies from the 1900's and
Queen Victoria!!!
Anyways, back to my experience with my NEW Dell desktop/laptop systems.
Everything on the Microsoft DVd's that came in the standard (?) US mail
delivery a few days ago worked.
Yes, there were a few problems, though.
But the DVD's worked and installed both on my desktop and laptop (at top
specs--ask me for details) no problems--COMPLETE AND CLEAN INSTALLS.
The devil is in the details though.
My brand new ATI Radeon Graphoics card was not recognized, but easily fixed
at ATI's awesome website for Windows Vista RADEON 64bit graphics card.
My brand new Creative X-Fi Audio card was not recognized, then was
recognized on a second INSTALL of VISTA DVD64bit, then unrecoginized again as
I write this, ans I am not sure why. Make sure you use the Drivers and
Utilities disc that came with your NEW computer, whenever that was, just as a
possible backup, because it worked once for me with the Creative sound card,
but then again, the third time it didn't
BTW: If there is anyone out ther who works for Creative Sound Crds, why
didn't you guys have all your drivers for your NEWSEST sytems ready like ATI
did for their graphics card for this release of Beta 2 Vista? You Creative
guys knew this was coming for awhile, and there is no excuse!
I love the HBO series "Deadwood" and there is one word that fits very
appropriately for how I feel about MAJOR companies who KNEW this BETA release
was coming out months and months ago, and did not have THEIR people write
some simple compatibility code like ATI did for their graphics card.
The word from Deadwood that descibes such people as:
Anyways, my friends, my compatriots into the next realm of the premier
operating platforms in this solar system at least, we, who are now, today,
struggling to make out VISTA BTEA 2 systems work, and providing so much help
to each other, Microsoft, their subsidieries, and all their private,
individual, company, and corporate IP/IT Techs that will make them tons of
money in the future, stick by the FORUMS in the "Windows Vista Newsgroups
Home" and ALL of their subvategories.
Don't let old XP pros bully you out of their domains--tell them to get
stuffed, C___S_____! I am a proud and dtermined Vista Beta Consumer and have
most likely (or will likely if the cheap bastards who actually make marketing
and sales decisions at Microsoft--Bill Gates, PLEASE READ!) paid my money, my
time, and my compassion and soul into making this the Best Possible Operating
System for me and my network, and all of you, because now adays, we are
ultimately connected in some ways or another, and its up to us, the consumer,
to pave the way for a smooth ride on top of the platform/foundation laid
BOT=Best of Thoughts

Buddha Bless You

ATTN: All Vista Beta/Pre-Release Consumers (Not U IP Pro's!)

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