Audio/Video Challenges

Posted: 01-07-2004, 01:21 AM
Clear DayI am having challenges establishing Audio and/or Video connections
or Remote Assistance with my Mom's computer. We have successfully used both
WM and MSNM in the past and recently with updating to MSN 6.1 and WM 5.0:
now fail to connect. All it will do, no matter who initiates, is attempt to
connect then claim there is a problem with either the network or the other
person's computer. Tested Netmeeting: No go, although it does claim a
connection has been established. Eyeball Chat does work for both audio and
video although quality is poor.

Last known good versions: MSN 6.0, WM 4.7

Identical systems
She has DSL, I am on Dial-up
P4, 2.4 Ghz, Windows XP Home
No Router on either end
Ran AV Wizard Multiple Times
Ran Multiple Scenarios:
MSN 6.1 - MSN 6.1; MSN 6.1 - WM 5.0; WM 5.0 - WM 5.0;
WM 4.7(another Computer on my end) - MSN 6.1; WM 4.7 - WM 5.0. All
Options Fail to connect
Turned off QoS Packet
Computer Associates made by Zone Alarm
Both Messengers have full access
Internet Setting to Medium
Even tested with Firewall shut down, no go
Windows XP Firewall
Shut down
Opened Specified Ports Just to be sure; referenced Jonathan Kay's site
Webcam only feature in MSN 6.1
Can Send and Receive
Uninstalled and reinstalled both Messengers with latest versions - still
no go
Next step:
Will attempt a "Clean" install of both messengers in case there is a
corrupted file that is not getting replaced correctly. If that is still a no
go - then I will revert to the last known good versions and see if that

Is there a way to verify complete removal of MSN Messenger?
Will the "Run Command" that is used to remove Win Messenger work for
Could there be a challenge compensating for the difference in access
speeds (DSL vs. Sluggo Dial Up)?
Any other suggestions on what I should do?

Thanks in Advance
Rich Webb
Issaquah, WA

Audio/Video Challenges

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