Back up d/dr.. premium vista, dual h/drive.

Posted: 01-08-2008, 10:11 PM
my d/dr has been filling up. when it asks me what files do i want to clean
up. i chose my files only rather than files from others. differences? i have
located the file folder norton, it says "0" . yet elsewhere its red lining
at near capacity. i chose to copy to sony dvd-r. 120m/4.7gb.. the d/drive
says it is at 4.37gb. partial copied now tells me i don't have required
space, and says try again. i inserted another disc. it partial copied then
alerts me to the same required space. am i copying the same info over and
over? and if the required space was exceeded on the first disc, should not
the second disc have started where the first left off?

Back up d/dr.. premium vista, dual h/drive.

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