Al D
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Re: Backup strategies??
Posted: 12-13-2008, 02:01 AM
Before I started running Windows Home Server, I would do backups like this,
First sunday of the month I would do a full backup (I used Norton Ghost) to
external Drive, then every sunday there after I would just do incremental
backups. If you want to keep the backup process to a max of say 3 you can
use the Grandfather method I used for years, do a full backup, label this
backup father, next time you backup again do a full backup on new media,
label this one father and relabel the first set grandfather, so you have son
(on your computer right now) father your latest backup, and grandfather your
previous backup. That works perfectly if you are using external media like
DVD-RW's, if you are using an external drive just put a date on the image
and delete the oldest when you have 2 images saved.

My personal belief is if you have an old computer P3 and up with little RAM,
but have some huge HD's, buy Windows Home Server, and let it handle your
backups for every computer you own. Right now my Server with 1 TB of storage
backs up 6 computers nightly. My daughter has a nasty habit of downloading
trojan horses and spyware, and when this happens, I just put the boot disk
in, boot up and restore to the previous nights backup. Takes all of about
1/2 hour to an hour to do. The way I see it, for the price you are going to
pay for decent software to back up your system, and the storage to store the
backups spend the couple hundred more get the server software and let it
handle all backups.. If buying the Server software is not what you want I am
sure the various Linux softwares will eventually have a Home server type
setup that does what Microsoft's does, if they already don't have it.

"FromTheRafters" <> wrote in message
> "C and A Bredt" <> wrote in message
> news:e%23E9wcBUJHA.1172@TK2MSFTNGP03.phx.gbl...
>> "Neil Jones" <> wrote in
>> message news:GF2Vk.22495$VN1.8781@newsfe02.iad...
>>>I have a 500GB backup disk to which I did a complete backup of my system
>>> about 3 times now. Although I am not really running out of space, I
>>> would like to keep the maximum number of backups to 3 or 4 with the
>>> oldest being the most reliable backup.
>>> How do I implement such backup procedure without using additional disk
>>> space?
>>> Thank you in advance for any help.
>>> NJ
>> I saw your post and I want to backup my system. I already do data files
>> to an External hard drive.
> Usually the backup program for Vista will back up almost everything the
> first time, and then things that changed thereafter. Known as a full
> backup
> followed by incremental backups.
>> Do you backup the Operating system too?
> The poster you quoted is quoted as saying:
> "I did a complete backup of my system about 3 times now."
> me that means 3 "complete" backups - so I assumed (wrongly) that
> the Vista backup scenario wasn't used. Apparently it *was* what he was
> using and as such every new "full" backup had overwritten the previous
> one.
>> If so what program or procedure do you use?
> Some of my old harddrives have been placed into USB enclosures for use
> as external harddrives. The fact that at least one of them is a "Seagate"
> or
> "Maxtor" drive makes it so that I can use the free "MaxBlast" (by Acronis)
> for making disk "images" for use as backups.
> These "images" are compressed copies of the entire disk's data.
> *that's* what I call a "complete" backup.
> I also use the full followed by incremental backup strategy that came with
> my XP and Vista OSes.
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