Batch File not working in Vista

Posted: 01-28-2009, 04:23 PM

Hi and thanks for being here!
My company is transitioning to Vista from XP. I manage a MS ACCES
database with a user community that is now slowly transitioning.
recall needing changes to the batch when we moved from 98 to XP and i
appears I need to do the same now. Unfortunately, we cannot spend th
money to bring the original programmer back in, so I am going to attemp
this myself
Here's my file
::md \"c:\ABCData\":
::md \"c:\ABCData\programs\":
::md \"c:\program files\microsoft office\office\":
::Net Use i: \"\\WilmNas7\Wilm Files\":
::copy \"i:\applications\ABCData_prices\programs\ABCDA TA Vendo
Prices.mdb\" \"c:\ABCData\programs\*.*\":
::copy \"i:\applications\ABCData_prices\programs\CSCLibXP .mda\
\"c:\program files\microsoft office\office\*.*\":
::if not exist \"c:\windows\" goto win2000:
::if not exist \"c:\Documents and Settings\" goto win98:
::copy \"i:\applications\ABCData_prices\programs\moricons .dll\
::copy i:\applications\ABCData_prices\programs\ABCDATAVen dorPrices.ln
\"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\ABCDATA Vendo
::goto wrapup:
::copy \"i:\applications\ABCData_prices\programs\moricons .dll\
\"i:\applications\ABCData_prices\programs\ABCDATAV endorPrices.lnk\
\"c:\windows\desktop\ABCDATA Vendor Prices.*\":
::goto wrapup:
::copy \"i:\applications\ABCData_prices\programs\moricons .dll\
\"i:\applications\ABCData_prices\programs\ABCDATAV endorPrices.lnk\
\"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DESKTOP\ABCDATA Vendo
::Net Use i: /delete /y:

I expect the problem is in the file locations on the computer. I a
hoping it has nothing to do with administrator privileges. With X
everyone is an administrator and I have read on this site that that ma
not be the case in Vista

Thanks for the help!:confused

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Batch File not working in Vista

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