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BitLocker & boot issue - Big trouble

Posted: 07-15-2008, 05:51 AM
I encrypted my hard drive with Bitlocker, since I am unnecessarily paranoid
about my information. However, this has now caused a problem, since updating
my HP QuickPlay buttons (buttons that allow you to boot right to a media
player rather than windows), has caused the laptop to no longer boot, giving
me a "Cannot Read disk. Press ctrl+alt+del" message after displaying the HP
logo screen. I believe that the fact that quickplay boots outside of the OS
has something to do with this, and is hampered by the encrypted drive.
When I insert my Vista Ultimate x64 disc and head into the repair menu, i am
able to see the drive with the command prompt (performing a "list volume" in
diskpart shows the drive as healthy). However, when i attempt to change
directory to the c:\ volume, it tells me that the drive is locked with
bitlocker and cannot be accessed. What I need to know now is how I can
decrypt the files in the drive or find some way to get my laptop to boot.
Thanks in advance.

BitLocker & boot issue - Big trouble

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