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Browser stops working but Internet still connected

Posted: 03-31-2007, 12:59 AM
I'm having this problem on a Vista 64 bit machine, but it also happens on a
machine using plain old 32-bit XP (though the processor is a single core,
AMD 64-bit).

I sometimes have problems connecting to websites using the browser. But at
the same time, I can still check email and participate in NGs (as I am now).
I can download data from financial institutions using Quicken. Instant
messenger programs work.

So, while the browser has trouble connecting, the Internet connection is
obviously still there and working because these other programs show that to
be the case. I tried installing the Opera browser, and it can't connect
either during these periods either. So it's not just an IE problem.

Both the Vista 64 and the XP 32 machines go through the same DSL modem. The
Vista machine is connected wirelessly to the DSL modem.

Both are using IE7. The Vista machine is using the version that came on the
Vista Ultimate 64-bit OEM disk. The 32-bit machine is using a version I
downloaded several months earlier.

While I was in the process of writing this, a box popped up in the corner of
my screen telling me that Avast AV has been updated. Usually that box pops
up at bootup. But just now the machine had been on for several minutes when
it popped up. Once that happened, I figured whatever had been the problem
had ended, so I fired up Opera and it connected. (Before anyone says the
problem was caused by the AV update, I can assure you that's not the case.
The problem happens on two machines and I have that AV only loaded on one.
I've also had the AV update on bootup, but then have this connectivity
problem show up later.)

Two more things:

1) When this problem happens, if I put my cursor over the internet
connection icon in the system tray (on the Vista machine), it will show the
connection and say "local access only." When I'm not having problems with
the browser, it will show "Local and Internet."

2) When this problem occurs, I usually can still access my company's email
website. I'm not sure, but I assume my company's email server is in the same
city as my home, which is why I can access it. But I can't access any other
internet sites.

So, I guess my questions are:

1) What is "local access only"? Is it a problem with my ISP? With my DSL

2) And why, when in "local access" mode, can I still get stuff from
non-local sources while using Windows Mail, Quicken and instant messenger?

Browser stops working but Internet still connected

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