"C\WINDOWS\System32\MAPISRVR.EXE" cannot access a necessary file, "gapi32.dll."

Posted: 10-22-2003, 05:17 PM

Lately I have been getting this error.

"C\WINDOWS\System32\MAPISRVR.EXE" cannot access a
necessary file, "gapi32.dll."

"Gapi32.dll" might be located on a removable drive, a non-
visible volume such as as NTSF drive,
or on a network. If "C\WINDOWS\System32\MAPISRVR.EXE"
cannot find the file, you might
need to reinstall "C\WINDOWS\System32\MAPISRVR.EXE."

How do I correct this, and how do I--if necessary--
reinstall "C\WINDOWS\System32\MAPISRVR.EXE" without
reinstalling Windows XP, thereby trashing all my loaded
programs and files?

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. You
may contact me at "butterbrodt@tznet.com" should you wish
to respond personally.

Thank You.

Rev Ev

"C\WINDOWS\System32\MAPISRVR.EXE" cannot access a necessary file, "gapi32.dll."

Responses to ""C\WINDOWS\System32\MAPISRVR.EXE" cannot access a necessary file, "gapi32.dll.""

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