RE: c000021aVista

Posted: 01-16-2009, 10:31 PM
Am i glad to hear you problem in a parallel way. I also brought this
model laptop and have had over heating problems playing games since the day I
have purchased it. It appears to be a common problem with this laptop model.
playing games over heats and cause the frame rate of games come to a
crippling halt until it cools , then resumes normal frames per second in
games. The graphics hardware is highly suspect. I sent the laptop for repair
under warranty, the engineers could not reproduce the fault because their
graphics tests were too basic. They returned the laptop with out repair and
mis diagnosis. Should I know persist sending the laptop back? Please let me
know if you solve the problem. Laptop switching off without BSOD is
overheating of hardware, pretty sure on this one.

"txt3rob" wrote:
> got a laptop that keeps switching off when ever it fancys no bsod or
> warnings just goes off and then when i power on again i get the
> c000021a error and it reboots and then works
> Things I've tryed below
> 1) its any copy of vista the one that was preinstalled and one thats
> been slipstreamed with latest updates.
> Happens with 32bit or 64bit versions
> Happens during final set ups of vista
> no BSOD untill i turn it back on and get c000021a (safe mode or last
> known)
> 2) happens during vista set up or when in vista
> *3) Doesnt happen on XP AT ALL* (it use to be dual boot)
> 4) replaced the ram still the same
> 5) my spec - Medion Akoya laptop MD96630
> - Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core
> processor T2330
> (1.6 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, FSB 533 MHz)
> - 3 GB working memory
> NVidia® GeForce® 9300M G
> - * - *160 GB SATA hard drive
> 6) no bios updates for my laptop
> 7) turns off during mem test or memtest86.
> Im at a tottal lost as im no n00b but carnt find anything that will
> resolve the fault!
> any suggestions or solutions are more than welcome!
> --
> txt3rob

RE: c000021aVista

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