Cannot access properties of Network Connections

Posted: 02-06-2009, 08:33 PM
I can get "Network Connection Status" window, but lower button ?Properties? doesn?t do anything. Button is still active and I can see pushing action, but no result, nothing. Clicking on Properties under ?Manage network connections? returns small window ?An unexpected error occurred? on both networks, wireless and wired.I tried everything without any success. Restored computer as far as I could go (about 1.5 month) and back, reinstalled network drivers, removed drivers (automatic install after boot), check for viruses, any file errors and Event Viewer for any errors. Noting that would point to this missing link in network properties. This network properties button and error window ?An unexpected error occurred? does not generate any events in the Event Viewer on my laptop.This is Dell small XPS laptop. Both network adapters are separate from different manufacturers.I would need specific information from registry on activating this network properties window. I scanned computer for corrupted critical Vista files, all OK, and recovery is not fixing this problem. It?s probably some additional faulty entry in registry file. Everything else is working fine including network connection on both adapters in default auto configuration (I cannot get to it to change it &nbspThe last resource is to reinstall Vista to factory state on my laptop.Any help would be appreciated.

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Cannot access properties of Network Connections

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