Cannot boot, use recovery console or reinstall Windows XP

Posted: 02-27-2009, 08:45 PM

I'm running a 3 partition Raid 0 setup with Windows XP Pro, Data Drive and
Windows Vista being the uses for the 3 partitions. Recently turned my
computer on one day and loaded up XP and it failed to load. Hit logon
screen, entered my information, and then it froze right after it loaded my
desktop picture. Happened multiple times. I have not made any
software/hardware changes in over 2 weeks, and I can boot into safe mode.

Attempted to fix the error using system restore. I have tried 2 different
restore points that are quite far apart. The system restore fixes the
problem, but only for the next boot. After that, the exact same issue
reoccurs and I have to use system restore again to access XP. Also as a side
note, I cannot access the internet from XP when I restore my system,
everything else works fine.

After this, I attempted to use my XP disk to use Recovery Console to rebuild
my boot files. However, my computer blue screens right before I get to the
"Welcome to Setup" screen of setup, so I cannot use recovery console.

Next step was to boot to windows Vista and scan the drive using checkdisk
along with Ad-Aware, Kaspersky Suite and Avira Suite (had copies of both from
work, tried them one at a time). They all found no problems with malware and
checkdisk found no errors on my XP drive.

I'm pretty much out of options!!! I can't even reinstall XP since my
computer blue screens when I attempt to boot of the disk, and I have tried
with 2 seperate disks. I'm thinking now my raid drive has corrupt sectors
but not sure how to properly identify that problem if it exists.

Any help or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!!


Hardware Specs:
EVGA NVIDIA 750i FTW board
Dualcore Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
2 X OCZ Reaper DDR2 800 mhz sticks
Bios is Award (06/25/08)
2 X EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX SSC 512 MB

Cannot boot, use recovery console or reinstall Windows XP

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