cannot delete trace.atf

Posted: 11-09-2003, 02:17 AM
message is that file is being used by another person or program. i had a
problem with "restore" program in windows xp and microsoft techs had me use
another program to send them this atf file. now i can't delete it and it's
getting larger....up to 5 megs now. i don't remember the program they had
me use to create the file. i tried "regtrace" but when i type
"regtrace.exe" i get the message it's not found??? i would like to
deactivate the program that is using "trace.atf" but i'm not sure what the
program. i tried safe mode and dos to delete the atf file but i'm still not
allowed to delete it. how do i find out what program is using "trace.atf" so
i can deactivate it ??? thanx in advance for help fred

cannot delete trace.atf

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