Cannot Log in

Posted: 09-09-2008, 03:24 AM

Hello Everyone,
I know this is a Vista Forum, but I have been looking through here in
the past few month just to see whats going on with Vista and if i should
ever get it. Here's the deal now. I have Windows XP, I recently did a
system restore and currently have no way of typing in my password.

The following are not responding:
1. Keys 1-10, a-z. [The Fn Key works with the F1-F11 keys]
2. My Touchpad is not respinding.
3. I cannot type anything into the pasword slot.

Please Reply or Send a e-mail with information regarding how to correct
this issue:
Please also if helpful let me know if I should just imply re-start my
pc with Vista. It is compatible, and I can do so. Thanks,


Cannot Log in

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