Can't access or activate my Administrator Account

Posted: 03-24-2009, 04:17 AM

I have Windows Home Premium, 32 bit running on my computer. Windows
came loaded with my computer with a CD. It is not an original Windows
Vista CD however, like ones bought seperately. (I know this is needed
for some of the fixes I read)
I have no idea why this happened, but I can not access my Admin Acc
through either regular or safe mode. It does not show up in my 'user
accounts' or 'switch user'. I had to create a temp account in Safe
Mode, in order to get anywhere. This account is very limited, will not
let me access 'Command Prompt', 'Explore' from the Start button and
I did find my Admin Acc by way of C drive then changing permissions. I
have tried pages of relevant posts, but can't seem to get anywhere. As
yet I have not attempted to give Admin rights to this temp account, as
I'm afraid of loosing my real Admin Account.
Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mia


Can't access or activate my Administrator Account

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