Change how windows opens

Posted: 01-07-2009, 08:06 PM
I have never seen this discussed, but is there a way to keep a new window
from opening on top of all the others?

I always have multiple windows open. When I want to start a new program, I
like to get it started and then go work in another window while the new
program goes through its startup and opens ready to go. Unfortunately, on
my HP laptop, Vista HP, the new program "jumps" to the forefront and
obscures and interrupts the old window I'm working in. I'd like the new
program to open and just go to the background till I'm ready for it.

I realize that some programs offer the option to open minimized, but I'd
like to make my change a "universal" one that will affect any program.

Thanks in advance,


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Change how windows opens

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