Compuer not recognizing Hanvon Tablet

Posted: 02-10-2009, 11:40 PM
My computer refuses to regognize my Hanvon Painting Master 5*4
It says that it has malfunctioned and could not start, when I know it has
not, seeing as I can install it on a different computer without a problem. I
have tried plugging it into different USB ports, uninstalling it and
reinstalling. My computer will install the drivers, but they do not do
anything, and I have tried installing them over and over again
My USBs are in working order, I have a USB keyboard and I can use
flashdrives on my computer just fine. It is just my tablet that it refuses to

I have Windows XP Professional and it is NOT a problem with SP3. (And to be
honest, I have no idea where to post this problem because the windows site is
confusing and there is no special area for these types of things. :3)

Compuer not recognizing Hanvon Tablet

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