Control Panel goes to 'not responding' when trying to open printer control window

Posted: 12-01-2006, 02:42 PM
I'm having some problems with some computers at work and it is becoming
perplexing. I have, now, 5 different computers that have experienced
this problem. One day things will be working fine, the next day the
system will go into "not responding" mode if you open up the printer
window inside the control panel. It also won't let you print anything
from any application at all, saying there are no printers installed or
the computer can't connect to a printer or sending the program into
"not responding" mode right as you open it up (mainly in MS Word, Excel
or Outlook for that one). I don't know if this is a virus since it is
slowly affecting specific computers, an incompatability with the new
type of printer we have here at work, or an incompatability with a
security update the network control center pushes. It is hard to
pinpoint things on this since only 5 computers out of over 2500
computers are having this problem. The other problem is that 4 of the
5 are in one department but the 4th is in a different area, so I can't
isolate it to one type of file causing the problem or one specific
printer or such. The first two computers that had the problem I was
able to fix by copying a working version of printui.dll and running the
sfc /scannnow command in the dos prompt. The last 3 however I had to
reformat and rinstall windows to get it working. Any suggestions on
things to look into for pinpointing the problem would be useful, as
would any suggestions on how to fix this as it comes up without
reformating the computer.

Control Panel goes to 'not responding' when trying to open printer control window

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