Could Easy Transfer corrupt files?

Posted: 04-08-2007, 04:12 AM
Here is what happened:
First, I tried using easy transfer via the local network on two Vista
machines to transfer files and settings (about 60gB total), from one to the
other. It would run for about an hour before one said that the other was
disconnected, althoug both were running and were not in standby or even
screensaver mode. Also, all Virus software was removed before I started.

Second, I set up a shared folder on the "new" computer and went to the "old"
computer, ran easy transfer and it worked fine, moving all the folders and
settings to the new computer without a hickup. Then I went to the "new"
computer and ran easy transfer on it to finish. Everything seemed fine. A
couple of days later I tried to install a copy of Nero's installation program
which I had transferred and it said that the file had a crc error. I then did
a COMP of the files in the Nero download folder that I had on both computers
and which had not been changed on either computer and found a couple of files
corrupted. I am now comparing a bunch of large video files that are on both
computers (since they are very big) and, so far, they seem ok.

So, long story - short: has anyone seen any corruption of files transferred
via their local networks? The old computer's networking hardware is a 100mbs
nic and the new one is 1000mbs (Gigabyte onboard lan).

Could Easy Transfer corrupt files?

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RE: Could Easy Transfer corrupt files?
Posted: 04-09-2007, 03:42 PM
I ran Vista's Memory diagnostics last night in enhanced mode (it passed in
standard mode) and it came up with a failure. I stopped it before it finished
testing and can't find the results to see what type of failure, but I went
into the Gigabyte bios and changed everything to a more conservative setting
(it was already pretty conservative). I'm hoping that is all it is.
Microsoft: it seems like, at a minimum, Easy Transfer should be doing CRC
checks to make sure that the data is ok after the transfer. There are PC
manufacturers that overclock their systems before shipping to their
customers. Also, there are times when memory screws up even when it is not
overclocked. Unless I am missing something here, it seems very likely that I
won't be the only user that ends up with bad data after using Easy Transfer.
And others may not realize it until too late.
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