crash/ reboot after trying to install Visual Studio

Posted: 09-19-2003, 04:09 AM

I have a reboot problem after installing Visual
Studio.Net trial version. I unchecked Startup &
Recovery "Automatically Restart", but no blue screen info
to provide. I have a minidump file and sysdata.xml if any
MS-support people would like to see it.


XP Pro SP1
All intel and MS compatible hardware
All Critical updates

1. Installed Visual Studio .Net 2003 Pro, trial version.
result: stable for ~3 hours
2. Install MSDN Library
result: reboot mid install.
3. Uninstalled VS.Net
result: c:\Program Files\MSDN remains.
4. Navigate \MSDN\2003FEB folder
result: reboot.
5. Navigate using command window.
result: reboots once in MSDN\2003FEB\1033.
6. Try deleting from cmd window.
result: reboot.

crash/ reboot after trying to install Visual Studio

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