Default Profile and Printer Access

Posted: 01-24-2009, 09:36 PM

Hello Everyone

I am working on a lab running four Vista Ultimate x64 boxes and two X
Pro boxes. I am on a domain and all machines are connecting to a Serve
2003 R2 box for file and printer sharing. We are using default profile
and creating them as administrator and giving "BUILTIN\Users" access t
the default profile. I have one printer installed. It is a Lexmark C352
The server is acting as a print server and the drivers are loade
locally from the X64 machines

When I log in with my account which has "administrator" access, I a
able to print just fine to the printer. If I log in with a standard use
account (standard users are members of just the "Users" group) I a
unable to open the default printer. I get an "access denied" error

I checked driver permissions and printer permissions on the server. Th
XP machines do not have this problem

Currently the printer is mapped as '\\\printer
(file:// If I connect using a netbio
name or with IP address, I can add the printer and print as a standar
user. Also, if I delete the printer and re-add it a
(file://, I can connect to it

This seems to be a problem with the default profile and permissions

Any help would be greatly appriciated.:geek


Default Profile and Printer Access

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Re: Default Profile and Printer Access
Posted: 01-26-2009, 04:56 PM

Does anyone have any ideas

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