Delay when loading network connections at bootup

Posted: 08-23-2003, 09:28 PM

In WinXP when booting up, during the stage where the OS
is loading up the applications that appear in the
notification area of the taskbar (lower right), there is
a very long pause (about 2 minutes) before the network
connections appear (Local Area Connection and the Wirelss
Network Connection). Before the network connections
appear, I'm unable to fully load IE, or any program that
uses network resources. (They seem to load partly, and
are blocked until the network connections are finally

This delay used to not occur, for when I do a system
restore to a time when the delay wasn't happening, it

The interesting thing is, that the delay will eventually
appear again after a system restore. Sometimes is takes
a day, sometimes a week, even though nothing has changed
on my system. (No new installs). It's just annoying
that I have to do a system restore every few days.

Does anyone have suggestions of possible courses of
action I could try?

Delay when loading network connections at bootup

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