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Re: Document Collaboration Companion (DCC) availability
Posted: 04-09-2009, 01:59 AM
alltilagi@officeformac.com wrote:
>> vasbinde@officeformac.com wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> Since this product was supposed to go to beta at the end of February, can I assume that there has been a delay at this point?
>>> If so, wouldn't a more appropriate date be "sometime before the end of October 2009" for the beta to be released?
>>> That would be much more appropriate when setting expectations.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Eric
>> Hi,
>> Do you have a reference you can point me to about the February date? The
>> only thing I've seen about DCC is the web page I referred to, and that
>> page doesn't mention any time frame at all.
>> Thanks.
>> -Jim
>> --
>> Jim Gordon
>> Mac MVP
>> <http://mvp.support.microsoft.com/>
> Actually the site you referenced does list a date as follows "Document Collaboration Companion will be released in a private beta in February."
> Addi
Indeed it does! However, thanks to the Miracle of HTML, what the web
site says depends upon what browser you use to view it. Sheesh!

Now that I know the secret to seeing the February stuff I can try to
find out more for you.


Jim Gordon

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