Re: During install "required CD/DVD drive device driver missing"

Posted: 01-10-2009, 07:34 PM

noacloud;592417 Wrote:
> When trying to install Vista Home Pro, early in the installation
> dialog bo
> appears stating that a CD/DVD rom driver is missing and that i have t
> install it before i can do anything else. It gives me the option t
> instal
> the driver by browsing the drives on my computer
> I thought that nearly all DVD rom devices were just universal. Th
> devic
> seems to be working fine considering that if it wasn't I probabl
> wouldn't b
> able to have gotten this far as the only DVD rom drive in my compute
> is th
> one running the vista program install in the first place
> I guess my question can i get around this, is there a plac
> where
> can just find a driver to install by using a flash drive. As i can tel
> ther
> is no way to get past this screen without quitting the entir
> installation
> Any thoughts
> BTW this is a new build I booted directly from the Vista installatio
> disk
> The HDD does have an old XP install on it but i planned on jus
> deleting i
> when it gave me the option to do so, but haven't gotten that far yet
> Thank
> for any help
Hi, just wanted to share my experience after reading lots of threads o
this issue and considering buying a new drive

In the end, I *simply turn off IDE emulation for SATA drives on m
motherboard and the problem was solved*
I guess it depends on each manufacturer and BIOS, but I guess this ca
be the problem for some people

In my Nvidia730i based Gigabyte GA-E7-AUM DS2H I can choose to us
Nvidia's SATA chip in IDE, RAID, or AHCI. I was getting the "drive
problem" when using "IDE" mode, but it disapeared when I put it back i
I guess that using the SATA chipset on IDE was interferring with th
IDE channel for the DVD drive (my unit is IDE and rather old)


Re: During install "required CD/DVD drive device driver missing"

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